Are you ready for an absolute blast!?  I am! 

I can not wait for you to join me on this empowering and kick a** experience that has absolutely changed my life as well as so many women I have worked with!

A little about me…   

I am married to my bestfriend who I met back in college at a halloween party. (I was a sexy kitten he had no chance haha) We dated for a short time when I was 19 and rekindled 16 years later!  I know crazy!   My most important title is mama and we now have two little ones.  I live in Lake Geneva, WI., a small little resort town on the Illinois/Wisco border and love the lake life.   I am an autism advocate, my son is on the spectrum and I am very involved with special needs and the autism community.  He is pure magic and one of reasons I got into photography.  I also have a daughter who is pure sass and hilarious.  My mini bestie as I call her.  At least once a month I love a wild night with my girlfriends with some sort of Reels or Tik Tok dance party haha.  Listen I never said I was good!  I just attempt it people!  I am usually the friend that messes up over and over and can’t stop laughing hysterically.  I LOVE a good spicy margarita!  If you haven’t had one well babe I got you covered with the best recipe around!   

 I make a living styling women and get to make YOU feel like a million bucks with gorgeous photos that last a lifetime. 


 My professional background is in the fashion industry prior to being a mama of two.  I was a city girl and lived in Chicago, IL. for twelve years prior to moving to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  I worked for ten years for two major designers and even had a clothing line of my own at one point in Chicago, IL.  I have always loved working with women, building confidence, and styling in general.  I have found my niche in the photog world and am specializing in women’s portraits and boudoir.  This shoot is unlike any other and I tell women all the time that this shoot is absolutely a game changer.  This experience is “life changing”, as many clients have said to me.  This is my business and my why…

 I think what separates my Milwaukee, Wisconsin studio and team from others is absolutely the experience! 

When you are seeking a professional in this boudoir photography business to take these gorgeous empowering women’s portraits you want someone behind the lens that can make you laugh and bring out your fun and flirty side.  The true YOU.  Also make you feel extremely comfortable!  I have been told I AM that wing girl!   I cherish all the hair flips, laughs, and smiles in a shoot that capture those candids of you in your element.  Absolute HAPPY!  Because well babe you deserve it…We all do!  At any age, any size, and all points in our lives.  I am here to give it to you…

 Head on over to the contact me page and I promise I will be there for you every step of the way…

 Can’t wait to meet you!

We always save the best outfit for last, because the transformation in women throughout the entire shoot is incredible. My last shots are some of my faves. Real magic happens. The reveal and viewing of photos is even more special…. In today’s society with all the pressure to be something impossible, sometimes it is absolutely beautiful to truly see yourself for the first time…

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