Yayyy! Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph you! The client experience is very important to me and I’m always working hard to make improvements where I can. If you could please take a moment to tell me about your experience I would really appreciate it!

Based on your experience, would you do it again? *
If we ever do any model sessions in the future would you like to be considered? Sometimes we like to try new sets or things in studio! *
Do you feel that the boudoir experience is everything you had hoped for? *
We LOVE to feature stories from real women on why they wanted to do a beauty/boudoir shoot, their experience, and, of course, we love to share the images that go with them! Would you like to be featured on the Erika Marie Studio platforms?
*We always withhold client's name and contact information to protect privacy, and will only post with client's express permission.


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