Hiiiii! I am so excited you are here! I am Erika Marie…

I have three loves of my life. My hubby and best friend, my two babies Hudson and Mila, and Photography…

You have probably already read up on me on my site so to sum that up in a nutshell I met my husband in college and we dated for a year and rekindled 16 years later! He is absolutely my best friend and support system and I hope every woman finds an amazing man that truly supports them. I feel so lucky to have him!

I have a three year old and a five year old so to put it simply shit is crazy at our house currently! If you are a mama you know! If you have nieces or nephews you know! Haha! My husband and I say “we need a vacation” probably 5 times a week. There are rarely breaks and time for “us” but we take what we can get. Now is that cute time that we are cherishing because we know one day they will be older and probably be more into iPhones or their friends than us. My daughter Mila is similar to me very bold, fun, independent, and honestly may have a future in comedy. LOL My son Hudson is the sweetest. He has autism and his mind works in magical ways. Mama is probably my most loved title.

Photography…I feel like this was a plan for me. I have worked in so many areas that prepared me for not only photography but women’s portraits and boudoir. Before I decided to be a stay at home mama at the age of thirty four I worked in the fashion industry for eleven years. I styled women for a number of years, worked in high end retailers and ran entire areas of stores, sold wholesale for multiple brands all over the country, and even had my own women’s contemporary clothing line at one point. I have always worked with a lot of very amazing, smart, and successful women. I styled women for years, building entire closets and wardrobes. Making women feel amazing in their own skin and confident was a passion of mine from my early 20’s. Also, I have always built super strong relationships… with women I worked with as well as my clientele throughout the years. Creatively I always loved being on fashion sets for shoots. Helping direct them and style them was definitely a passion of mine. There is something so magical about being a visionary and having ideas in your head and then actually doing them and having amazing fine art images showing your work.

I started in my home studio in Lake Geneva, WI. My husband built out our basement with a shooting area for my boudoir photography and my business grew super quickly. I started partnering with many other Lake Geneva businesses and social media babes in the area. I quickly became known for my shoots at the infamous Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I then started to partner with owner/chef from Sopra Bistro in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and doing boudoir shoots in his restaurant/bar during closing hours. Summer came and Wisconsin Boudoir lake shoots were a client fave! Some of my most known and favorite images came from exploring Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Because I only had my home studio I prided myself on my partnerships with Lake Geneva home owners to use their piers as well as businesses in the area. I recently moved into my boudoir and women’s photography studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am getting recognized as one of the fastest growing Milwaukee boudoir photography studios in the area. Being a boudoir photographer is such an absolute dream! Meeting amazing women every week and capturing their beauty for amazing women’s fine art portraits that last a lifetime is SO. MUCH. FUN!

I would love to shoot with you! Let’s make magic! Get in touch today! I can’t wait!